Nostalrius team throws down gauntlet following Blizzard's WoW legacy server inactivity

Nov. 8, 2016, 4:50 a.m. 459 Views

The Nostalrius team has thrown down the gauntlet and the Nostalrius vanilla World of Warcraft experience will return - with or without Blizzard's help or permission. But not in name; Nostalrius cannot be Nostalrius for legal reasons, so it will be resurrected as part of the unofficial WoW Elysium project. The Nostalrius database, with saved character data, may even be carried across. There's no timeline but the suggestion is that work will start straight away.Time for a recap.Earlier this year Blizzard's lawyers shut down a very popular but unofficial World of Warcraft server cluster called Nostalrius. They were pirate/private servers and against the rules, so fair enough, case closed - right? Not exactly. Because not only did Nostalrius have a huge community suddenly up in arms, those people had something of a leg to stand on. They wanted to play World of Warcraft as it was back near launch in 2004/2005, pre-expansions, pre-extra this and extra that, and Nostalrius offered them that. More to the point, Blizzard did not.Read more…

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